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Expander WB3: AI-supported Learning Experiences

By 8. July 2024No Comments

Within The project Expander WB3, founded by the BIBB in the competion call “Invite”, i-mmersive has primarily developed application scenarios in the area of “Development and Testing of Teaching and Learning Offers Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI).” The partners are working on implementing and expanding modular, digitally enriched training offers. These Learning Process Pilots (LPPs) open up new target groups and perspectives for further education. The project involved active exchange with the VR technology partner i-mmersive to develop and test AI-supported teaching and learning offers (VR environment). Educational service providers gained extensive insights and possibilities for implementing educational offers with new technologies, which influenced the planning and development of the Learning Experiences.

Learning Experiences: Ideas & Implementation

The project partners are working on a significant number of Learning Experiences, some of which are already presented here. It is important to us that the process of acquiring knowledge and skills using technological approaches is designed to foster fun and motivation among participants. Our education managers bring their seminar experiences and combine them with the experiences of learning software developers, Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Below, we would like to introduce our Learning Experiences :

1. Learning Process Pilot “Forklift”

Project Partners: TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH, Cottbus, LE Commsulting GmbH, Trebbin, i-mmersive GmbH, Berlin

Our , like the traditional forklift license, consists of a theory and a practical part. The theory part was designed with LE Commsulting and an instructor from the Logistics & Warehouse sector of the TÜV Rheinland Akademie. This includes a live event, a self-learning module, and a final exam. The practical part was developed together with i-mmersive and an instructor. Here, learners can operate the forklift in a VR environment and complete various comprehensive practical exercises.

The partners have produced an introductory video detailing the individual didactic elements.

2. Learning Process Pilot “Project Management”

Project Partners: Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), Cottbus, LE Commsulting GmbH, Trebbin, i-mmersive GmbH, Berlin

In the Learning Process Pilot Project Management, we collaborate with the Chair of Quality Management to make the subject more accessible through alternative learning paths. An interactive project profile assistant has already been implemented as a webpage. Additionally, a VR world and a VR tour are currently being developed. In the VR world, learners are introduced to the basics of project management through a novel dialogue mechanism. This is followed by an AI-supported competency query. The VR tour explores the history of project management, making it tangible through the specifics of various projects.


A screencast was produced for the “Project Management,” demonstrating the advantages of assistance systems in conveying standardized processes. The project profile assistant element is used as a demonstrator in the screencast.


3. Learning Process Pilot “Communication & Conflict Management for Training Professionals”

Project Partners: IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH Ostbrandenburg, Frankfurt (Oder), i-mmersive GmbH, Berlin

Communication & conflict are important topics in everyday training. Therefore, it is crucial that training professionals continue their education accordingly. In seminars, theoretical knowledge is linked with practical exercises, where participants take on roles. Our Learning Process Pilot teaches how to identify conflicts in different forms and strategies for de-escalation. The practical exercise takes place in a virtual space. Together with i-mmersive GmbH, a tool was developed to practically train conflict de-escalation using a VR headset. Using VR in training offers the advantage of immersing participants in a realistic environment, providing real-life experiences regardless of the time and place of the training.

The project developed AI-supported learning scenarios, focusing on modular, digitally enriched training. Collaboration with i-mmersive led to VR-based learning pilots: forklift operation, project management, and communication & conflict management for trainers. These pilots integrate theoretical and practical elements, enhancing engagement and accessibility. The use of VR and AI provided innovative, immersive training experiences, expanding educational opportunities and improving the planning and implementation of future learning processes.