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Haptics I-mmersive

By 29. September 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments

GITEX Dubai 2022

We combined our Fashioneura technology for the first time with haptic-feedback gloves at the GITEX fair in Dubai in October 2022 . Thereby we used the were-it haptic gloves and our very own magic fashion mirror.

While the magic mirror enables visitors to try on different pieces of clothing, haptics adds a new unseen component. 

Using the GITEX as a launchpad to publicly showcase our new development, people at the event were getting haptic feedback when touching their virtual clothes with the gloves. Depending on the fabric and structure of each piece visitors would get diverse and easily distinguishable sensations in their fingers. By actually feeling something that does not per se exist a new level of immersiveness is added to an somewhat elusive simulation.

What is means for Fashion?

In a  real-life scenario, it would mean a significant impact for the fashion industry, specifically for online-shopping or in-store shopping processes. The return-heavy industry could add a new degree of sustainability. The addition of haptic technology and adoption of Fashioneura could be significant for forming a resilient and sustainable solution for future shopping services.