Live Streaming

Stream to YouTube, Facebook, or our app

i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera  offers incredible versatility. Thanks to the  i-mmersive VEYE 360°cameras direct server connection, you can share live or recorded 360° video with the world via our app, Facebook, or YouTube. Just connect your camera to our app or web portal, generate your unique stream address, and start sharing!

Works with an internet connected device, like a laptop.

Whether you are a creator or a consumer, the i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera is compatible with most mobile devices, tablets or computer. View our streams on nearly any device in 360° mode, or select VR mode in our mobile app and slide your phone into one of our GO Opens internal link in current windowcardboard viewers for a fully immersive experience. You will even be able to use the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with the i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera.

Watch i-mmersive 360° live-streams and recordings here: