The GO Cardboard

Enjoy Virtual Reality on the go with your smartphone!

i-mmersive has developed the extremely successful Cardboard Smart Phone Virtual Reality  Holder „GO“. It is foldable, so it can be sent in an envelope, or perfectly used as cover mount. It suits most of the common smartphones like iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7.  The cardboard is fully customizable, so we can print it perfectly designed for your purpose. The cardboard is cheaper than most other cardboard with prices of 0,99€ in large amounts. i-mmersive holds the patent for foldable Smartphone holders  Europe-Wide and whole America under Pat. 10 2014 009 745.5.

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The VEYE 360° Live Camera

Incredible high quality 360° video

The VEYE camera is built in Germany of premium components including advanced 1/1.8 Sony sensors, high-grade aluminum, and our own top spec encoding software. Two 220° fish eye lenses create a fully spherical 360° field of view, while the audio-in jack adds to the immersion. A built-in server allows instant live streaming via a laptop; just turn the camera on plug it into your laptop and to begin streaming. VEYE works extremely well in low light environments like concerts.

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