Connected Schools

Connected Schools

Transform the way of rural education in developing countries


In third world countries and many rural areas, investment in teaching and learning is minimal. Life experiences are limited and challenges like being taught in a second language are significant. Coupled with inadequate teacher training and limited reading materials, students are at a great disadvantage. While also facing great physical distance to school infrastructure, poor internet connection and symptoms of poverty.


„Connected Schools“ will be able to close off the presently active niche that includes lack of human ressources in teachers and lack of school infrastructure in rural areas.




Enriched learning


Students develop a passion for learning through stimulating experiences and access to experiences and resources.


While their socioeconomic backgrounds are limiting, VR learning brings the world to students anywhere.

Through VR ocular goggles students have a one-on-one experience with the teacher where external distractions are eliminated completely. Each student experiences the teacher teaching directly to them. 

With 3D VR models, it is easier to comprehend concepts in mathematics, scientific and geography, especially when reinforced by real world examples. Many students from rural areas have such limited real word experiences and are unable to relate to text-book or verbally explained scenarios. It is close to impossible to get them out to these experiences but with VR, it can be brought to them so cost effectively and efficiently. 

Effective reading and comprehension skills remain a concern in developing countries with an extreme deficiency in effective teaching and exposure to reading material. New reading resources are provided in a cost-effective way every day providing unlimited variety to build reading skills.


Very importantly, the individual rote learning that is typical in these communities is replaced by a deeper understanding that leads to a broader application of knowledge and is fun at the same time!





More effective teaching

Teachers learn to be better teachers with the Wealth of ressources



By observing and participating, teachers learn new and effective teaching methodologies and improve their interactions with students. 

They will be exposed to effective questioning skills and methods for students to learn through their own inquiry, as well as, follow-up of the lessons with student collaborative learning tasks (recommended and explained by the VR teacher). 

Rich and varied resources in the form of virtual reality are available at their fingertips, and they are given guidance on how to continue the learning beyond the VR experience. They can draw on the experiences of other teachers and share lesson plans, work sheets and project ideas.

The same VR classroom set up can be used for professional development sessions developed especially for teachers who have not been exposed to innovative learning strategies and modern pedagogy. 

Independent/Private schools are often looking for ways to support learning for underprivileged schools and VR lessons designs can be shared.







Vital exposure to technology

Teachers and students experience new technology in action



While many will be familiar with cell phones, this approach exposes teachers and students to more technology both in their real-world experience of VR learning and in the content that it can deliver. This is critical to prepare children for their current and future life in a world of ever-changing technology.



Product Description

A fully equiped container school will consist of a portable ship container, which`s outside structure will have been modified, so that there is windows, as well as heat protection for hot areas.

The inside of the container represents a regular classroom with all neccessary furnishing and a WIFI Router for internet connection.

Apart of furnishing it will also have technical equipment inform of 10 VR glasses and one VEYE 360° camera to track the students movement, and a screen.


The cost of a fully equiped container School are 12.000 Euros.


The teacher will be teaching from a office close to his area of residency, so that he has no mobility limitations.

The teacher`s room will be equiped with a VEYE 360° camera, and a VEYE Pod camera, a video streaming computer, a clicker for switching between animations, one headset as well as a screen.


The cost of a fully equiped teachers room are 8.000 Euros.


Content of a Lesson


A lessons content is a combination of the teacher physically drawing on the whiteboard and him explaining animations transmitted into the students VR view.

The animative content is not limited in any sense and can be designed specifically within our web based editor.


Recorded i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera Live Stream