GO Virtual Reality Cardboard

The perfect solution for VR on the GO


The cardboard GO viewer is a cheap, foldable solution for easy mobile VR. It is specifically designed to provide instant access to VR for everyone, everywhere. You can order custom branded viewers unique to your event. Because the GO cardboard is so flat it can be send in an envelope. 

GO Cardboard Specs

No bulky cardboards anymore - Here is your one piece, fully foldable, completly custonized Virtual reality Cardboard!

  • Fully foldable - fits in each pocket
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 and iPhone 7 compatible
  • Your design - fully customizable
  • All printing costs included
  • Cover mount compatible
  • Can be sent in an envelope
  • Ready to use - no unpacking, no bricolage
  • Made in Germany - patented worldwide
  • Award winning design - already sold Million times
  • Easy & cheap to transport and distribute

Folding instruction

Price list customized cardboards

The i-mmersive cardboards are fully customizable on the inside and outside 


1.000 unitsGC 1 300g4/4c print customized2,70€ /unit
5.000 units GC 1 300g4/4c print customized2,50€ /unit
25.000 unitsGC 1 300g4/4c print customized2,00€ /unit
50.000 unitsGC 1 300g4/4c print customized1,20€ /unit
100.000 unitsGC 1 300g4/4c print customized0,99€ /unit


Plus 19% Tax and shipping costs to your destination.

Production time 3-4 weeks.



Price list white lable cardboards

If you wish to have small amounts of cardboards, this is your opportunity.

Just buy white lable cardbords and put your sticker on it or use them as they are.

We have white lable cardboards on stock and will ship them on the same day you purchase them.


100 unitsGC 1 300gwhite3,20€ /unit
500 units GC 1 300gwhite3,00€ /unit
1.000 unitsGC 1 300gwhite2,50€ /unit


Plus shipping costs to your destination.





Choose your GO Cardboard white lable

Payment method: PayPal

Covermount Compatible

Can be sent in an envelope

ARTE Cardboard