E-Learning System for online content creation and live streaming education

Treach is our newly developed E-Learning System. It is highly innovative as the usage of regular educational online streaming services is enhanced by possibilities of easy content creation. It was developed in order to support “Connected Schools” and guarantee an easily usable interface for students, teachers and trainers.

Therefore it further widens the targeted area of remote learning during the COVID pandemic, but also covering the lack of teachers in many fields.


Treach Features



Easy content creation via browser platform

Real time evaluation

Virtual Smart Board - students can use tablets as smart boards

Groups - Forms of closed social media for secure communication



Advantages for Students


Students get access to creative digital content elements, which can enhance the quality of online lecturing immensely. Different interactive tests and interesting VR videos or 3D models offer perfect ways of visualizing scientific and educational content. In “My Groups” students can join groups or create new ones in order to communicate much more easily with fellow students or teachers. Furthermore students are able to track their learning progress through insights into grading processes.


Advantages for Teachers


Teachers also benefit highly from the opportunities of content creation. They can easily modify and expand their lessons through visually appealing 3D models and VR 360° videos. Or they can take a step back and examine their students with quick multiple choice or image and writing tests. Also teachers can still use classical teaching elements, such as black boards and objects and they receive live audio feedback.


Recorded i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera Live Stream