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The connection between the camera world and Blockchain. 


The connection between the camera world and blockchain. 

The Berlin based start-up i-mmersive, specialized on 360° live streaming hardware and VR software is now going to enter a new chapter of media security.
i-mmersive is developing a new series of its VEYE 360° live streaming camera, a 360° model based on the one sensor-prism-technology an resolution from 4k up to 8K . 
All features are focused on developing a solution for a digital ownership management. 
In the age of fake news and violation of copyrights, a solution for authenticity and ownership management of digital content has become more important than ever.
Blockchain has frequently been proposed as a technology to solve challenges of content creators in the media space. However, there is one important missing piece: blockchain-ready hardware with high levels of security. i-immersive is going to solve this challenge. 
The idea was is to build a trustless, trustable and secure solution for all content creators by using our camera with a built-in blockchain hardware chip that ensures proof of ownership and authorship. The problem of attribution of who created the content is directly solved in the moment that the content is created.
With a partner from the blockchain sector with this solution, it is easy to set a claim of copyright and register it in the blockchain in an immutable way.  

Even more, the monetization is made easy significantly facilitated., No more long contracts and negotiations are needed and via, the use of smart contracts billed billing per use is possible, while and payments are can be transferred in YEYE tokens.
On the long run, this allows the creation of a fully decentralized content creation and distribution platform, where content creators have full control over the creation and the usage of their content. Additional, special use cases for our roadmap are security and autonomous driving. More on that will follow soon.
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Press contact : Holger Dornieden, dornieden(at)i-mmersive(dot)net

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