Holographic Streaming

First Holographic broadcast

President of South Africa: Cyrill Rhamaposa


In July 2019 the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphose held a speech at a Digital Economy Summit audience in Midrand, a northern suburb of Johannesburg. In thus he was recorded with help of VEYE 360° camera system and his holographic likeness delivered his remarks from a lectern at the Rustenburg Civic centre, about 80 miles northwest of the city.

We are very proud to present this achievement as the president´s office said in a statement that the first-of-its-kind presentation showcases „the advancements in technology and immense opportunities of digital economy“.



Holographic Avatar Concert

Standing in a seperate booth, a animated avatar copies the users movements and facial expression, while voice is transmitted to speakers outside the booth.

The audience can then see a holographic concert with the possibilty of adding more avatars such as dancers or other interactive 3D objects and medial elements surrounding the Avatar.

Holographic karaoke

Presented at India Mobile Congress - New Delhi

Similar to the avatar concert the user stand in a seperate booth, although his own body is exactly transmitted into a holographic representation outside the booth with avatar dancers and different animations surrounding.

Porsche 911 Volumetric Design Tour

Visitors to the Porsche Museum have the unique opportunity to experience a holographic presentation of special Porsche 911 design features by designer Matthias Kulla.

It is the first implemenation of HoloLens application in a museum environment.

To be able to make such an assignment possible a team of employees from Porsche Museum and i-mmersive flew together with Matthias Kulla to the first holographic recording studio of microsoft Research, in Redmond, USA.

Holographic Remote Presentation

Another example of Holographic presenation was the real time transmission of a sheik in Makah during Haji 2019.


In the process many different animative features were used, such as:


Gestural interaction with shown 3D models, immediately exchangeble animations, videos and background screening and real time bileteral audio feedback.

Holographic representation of connection grids

For IMC 2020 in Barcelona a Holographic model of urban cityscape will be projected on a specially designed glass pyramid of prismic form.

With that the installation will showcase a prototipical representation of how future 5G connection grids might be situated within urban structures.

By doing that visitors will get a better understanding of possbile range and functionality of 5G antennas.