Research & Development Projects

5G Ping Pong Gaming

Our Ping Pong gaming application allows users to dive into the world of VR gaming while experiencing substantial benefits of 5G connection.

In thus the connective speed changes ingame after a certain period of time, so that clear differences between 4G and 5G can be seen.

Connected Retail Fashion App

Connected Retail Fashion App

Because of high return quote Online Fashion hasnt been particularly sustainable nor as profitable as its potential could allow.

It has been hard for users to select perfectly fitting clothes and accessories as picture images are often felt to be different than real life presence.

Bringing online and stationary retail together clients can try real clothes in the stores by a virtual mirror. People are scanned and their measurements are taken in real time with the possibilty of saving the animated 3d Model in saved online profiles.

5G Virtual Reality Soccer Penalty Gaming

Users can try a soccer related VR experience in form of a Virtual Reality Game to experience the speed and low latency of the 5G transmission in relation to 4G.

Body movement as well as head movement are tracked so a quality representation can be transformed into the game.

5G Use Case VR Demo - Coaster Cat

This 5G Use case puts the user into a VR rollercoaster ride, while showcasing the low latency Impacts of 5G and connecting gaming Elements to it.



5G VR Collaborative Robot Car Factory

The user is beamed into a VR scenery where a robot copies the users movement with help of Kinect body tracking.

An engine can be installed into the car, as the robot can lift much heavier weights then a human being. This kind of collaborative work can be implified realistically into industrial processes in automotive industries.

AI Surveillance Technology

With help of AI softwares objects filmed by our VEYE 360° camera can be easily detected, which offers a huge bandwith of opportunities in video surveillance.

In South African Nationalparks rhino poachers have become a huge threat for wildlife conservation, as prices for rhino horns on the black market have sky rocketed in recent years. With usage of VEYE camera a big space can be covered, as they perform in 360°, while ranging far.

AI communication sends information to a external controlling center and alarms for probable criminal activities are activated immediatly.

VR enabled autonoums driving

In development of autonomous driving hardware, usually multiple conventional cameras are needed to feed the software of autonomous cars, as a blind-spot-free vision is hardly achieved with singularity in camera usage.

Whereas our VEYE camera can provide almost latency free (< 0,3 seconds) and perfectly syncronized 360° view of surrounding areas.

With extra illumination VEYE has also options to switch into night vision mode and the sensors data can be transmitted as an AR hologramm to the windshield.