Application that targets the problems of the high return percentage in online shopping and complicated processes in real life shopping. Users can try on clothes virtually by using either their webcam camera or a virtual shopping window. Through AI-technology body measurements are taken and 3D-models of clothing pieces are adapted to them.

VEYE 360° Camera

VEYE is the first 360° camera to offer spherical 4K recording and live streaming with no stitching or post processing. It is compatible with all devices and platforms. Share your favorite moments, adventures, and creations live, with your friends or the whole world.


Treach is an E-Learning tool, that enables teachers to easily create VR content, courses and lectures. The first-of-its-kind fully VR classes, which are designed to be interactive, collaborative and immersive. Through high degrees of gamification and proven didactic concepts an innovative approach for remote education is created