At i-mmersive, we help corporations bring life to their vision, utilizing the newest cutting-edge technologies,
like holographics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and extended virtual reality.

ABOUT i-mmersive

At i-mmersive we are a cutting-edge provider of immersive, interactive experiences that combine the best of what virtual and physical worlds have to offer. We work with brands, businesses, and organizations to create custom solutions that engage and amaze audiences and bring our imagination of the future into the present day.

Person wearing a VR headset with advanced VR gloves
African child with Vr headset
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Treach is the VR-Learning platform, that enables teachers to easily create VR content, courses and lectures. The first-of-its-kind fully VR classes, which are designed to be interactive, collaborative and immersive. Through high degrees of gamification and proven didactic concepts an innovative approach to remote education is created.


Saving the fashion industry from its own future
Fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, 30% of all online-orders are sent back due to wrong sizes or styles. So globally, an estimated 92 million tons of textiles waste is created each year.
The AI-based Fashioneura is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its virtual mirror: while the client tries new clothes, he is scanned and measured, and this form home without any additional hardware.


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28. October 2022

Porsche AR car configurator

During the Kyalami Autoweek 2022, South Africa, we showed with our partner Nokia for Vodacom, the first time our augmented reality car configurator. There we enabled the customers to change the…
4. July 2022


The EXPANDER-WP research projects has the goal of diving into the depths of virtual reality education, by developing VR Learning experiences in cooperation with all project partners. Practical applications of…
20. June 2022

VR Internships

In Partnership with the Goethe-Institute and international companies such as, Nokia, Siemens, Bayer, Zeiss and others we have developed seven VR internship courses. Each course contains company-specific activities and mini-games,…
1. June 2022

VR Pasch Pilotproject

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in London we developed three fully immersive virtual reality courses for the school subjects Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The content for the courses was chosen…