A rebuilt blue container with houses vr technologies for connected schools


Treach is a VR-Learning platform, which enables teachers to easily create VR content, courses and lectures. These unique VR classes are interactive, collaborative and immersive. An innovative approach for remote education is created through high degrees of gamification and proven didactic concepts.

The Challenge

Our journey in the fields of remote VR education started in 2018 when we were challenged to be part of a pilot project in Africa. The goal was to resolve some of the problems of education in rural Africa. 

For example Kids in rural villages often don’t have access to electricity and internet. Furthermore the lack of schools makes it difficult for students to attend their classes. Also the resources of schools are highly limited, because teachers and equipment are scarce.

The use of digital technologies in education is mostly non-existent and potential benefits have not been felt.

african kids studying in school

Connected Schools

The project Connected Schools, which was developed in close partnership with Nokia, aimed to target especially the lack of teachers in rural areas of South Africa.

The solution had to be cheap, viable and efficient. We transformed a regular shipping container into a first-of-its-kind remote classroom, equipped with all the necessities of a modern classroom. Through VR ocular glasses students could then have a one-on-one experience with a teacher, who was stationed in a city far away from the school. With the help of 3D models theoretical scientific concepts could be comprehended easily, especially when reinforced by real world examples.

Many students from rural areas do not possess sufficient real world experience in order to relate to text-book examples or regular teaching methods, but through VR the experience can be brought to them in a cost-efficient manner.

The project was a great success on all levels. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made international work hard and remote education and work extremely relevant. So after some years of R&D a new E-Learning product was born: Treach. 

Treach and VR Goethe

The Treach platform enables teachers to easily create content for VR courses and lectures. By making different kinds of quizzes and designing educational concepts for remote learning, teachers can have an impact of modern day schooling. Students can directly profit from high levels of interactiveness and the simplification of complex models. Especially the use of gamification can enhance the motivation and concentration of kids in a digitalized society. By competing in course-related quizzes and games students are reminded of their favourite games while learning important lessons for life. Through Treach many of the problems of remote learning are tackled. The visualization and gamification of educational content further enhances the effectiveness of E-Learning as a whole.

Geothe VR Game in-game footage of the main menu

VR Goethe Projects

As an outcome of intense Research & Development two projects, that enabled a technological breakthrough in the area of VR education and teaching, we initiated. The Goethe-Institute is a very important partner in facilitating a smooth procedure.

Geothe VR Game in-game footage of a harbour.

VR Pasch Pilotproject

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in London, we developed three fully immersive virtual reality courses for the school subjects Physics, Biology and Chemistry (STEM). Through the integration of those courses into regular day schooling, the Goethe-Institute and its partner schools are trying to promote the German language for pupils in KS3 level (year 7,8 and 9). 

VR Internships

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute and international companies such as Siemens, Bayer, Nokia we have developed a number of VR internship courses. Through those courses the Goethe-Institute hopes to engage students in learning the German language, while promoting a career in those companies.

Geothe VR Game in-game footage of a robot in front of a periodic table

Through our journey we have reached numerous milestones

  • Full VR courses with interactive 3D models of theoretical concepts
  • Gamification of educational content
  • Adventurous and story-based
  • AI teacher represented by an owl
  • High-Level didactic concepts and language learning facilitation
Geothe VR Game in-game footage of the main menu
Geothe VR Game in-game footage of a harbour.
Geothe VR Game in-game footage of an eye operation
Geothe VR Game in-game footage of a robot in front of a periodic table