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28. October 2022

Porsche AR car configurator

During the Kyalami Autoweek 2022, South Africa, we showed with our partner Nokia for Vodacom, the first time our augmented reality car configurator. There we enabled the customers to change the…
10. October 2022

5G inauguration Cote d’Ivoire

Our 5G use cases Smart Agriculture and VEYE 360° streaming were on display in Cote d'Ivoire for the 5G inauguration event hosted by Orange in September. Special thanks to all…
4. July 2022


The EXPANDER-WP research projects has the goal of diving into the depths of virtual reality education, by developing VR Learning experiences in cooperation with all project partners. Practical applications of…
20. June 2022

VR Internships

In Partnership with the Goethe-Institute and international companies such as, Nokia, Siemens, Bayer, Zeiss and others we have developed seven VR internship courses. Each course contains company-specific activities and mini-games,…
1. June 2022

VR Pasch Pilotproject

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in London we developed three fully immersive virtual reality courses for the school subjects Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The content for the courses was chosen…
Artificial IntelegenceExtended RealityFashionNewsProjekts
30. April 2022

XR Fashion Fitting fashioneura

Fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, as the clothes are thrown away at the seasons end, as there must be one piece of every size and color in…
man trying out VR with advanced VR glovesAugmented RealityExtended RealityNewsProjektsVirtual Reality
6. April 2022

Haptx Gloves Demo Mecca

The first haptic experience of our Hadj Experiences collection is a VR visit to the holy city of Mecca and its cube the kaaba. For that we created a realistic…
Moderato presenting Fashioneura to a group onMWC22NewsProjekts
23. February 2022

MWC 2022

In partnership with Nokia we had the opportunity to showcase our Fashioneura Demo on the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona. It simulated the effects of 5G on the functionality…
Headquarter building in Cote d'IvoireNewsProjekts
21. January 2022

Opening Event of Orange Headquarters in Cote d’Ivoire

For the opening of the new headquarter building of close partners from Orange in Côte d’Ivoire and in cooperation with Nokia, we installed several of our 5G demos.
30. December 2021

AI Drone Surveillance Senegal

In December of 2021 our Team visited the capital of Senegal, Dakar. For our partners from Nokia and Orange we developed an AI software for drone surveillance. This application of…
15. December 2021

E-Learning Senegal

In 2021 we installed our E-Learning Demo at the Orange Headquarters in Dakar. Students were connected through 5G with a remotely active teacher, thus eliminating problems of remote school in…
Person presenting hologramsHologramNewsProjekts
21. June 2021

Holographic Installation Dubai Expo 2020

During the Dubai Expo 2020 we were part of an holographic installation, that starred an presentation of Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark.
Futuristic table on the MWC 2020NewsProjekts
23. March 2021

MWC 2020

For the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona we developed a fully automated AI robot called Lot 1. Through smart communication with NFC chips it can make production processes more…
Band performing with hologramsNewsProjekts
21. March 2021

Spatial VR Concert

At MWC 2020 we presented the spatial VR concert installation. It features a fully holographic band, which visitors could join in their attempt to complete a one-of-its-kind immersive concert experience.
Woman trying the retail fashion appFashionProjekts
27. August 2020


CONNECTED RETAIL FASHION APP Because of the high return quote, Online Fashion hasn't been particularly sustainable nor as profitable as its potential could allow. It has been hard for users…
Ping Pong Table with VR headsetsNewsProjekts
13. August 2020


We developed a one-of-a-kind VR ping pong game. It includes a fully functional and realistic physics ping pong engine, a multiplayer mode and the possibility for 5G connection. This is…
Woman controlling a rollercoster in a videogame with her armsProjekts
11. November 2019


This 5G Use case puts the user on a VR rollercoaster ride while showcasing the low latency Impacts of 5G and connecting gaming Elements to it.
CGI Holograms dancing around a human hologramHologramProjekts
15. October 2019


PRESENTED AT INDIA MOBILE CONGRESS - NEW DELHI Similar to the avatar concert the user stand in a seperate booth, although his own body is exactly transmitted into a holographic…
Fax and Nayden infront of a remote class roomNewsProjekts
21. September 2019

IMC 2019

The India Mobile Congress 2019 took place in New Delhi. In partnership with our partners from Nokia we made a number of different installation possible, including the Virtual Remote Classroom…
Holographic remote presentaion about MekkaHologramProjekts
15. August 2019


Another example of a Holographic presentation was the real-time transmission of a sheik in Makah during Haji 2019. In the process, many different animative features were used, such as: Gestural…
4 people with VR headsets and a helperNewsProjekts
21. June 2019

E-Learning Singapur

In Singapore we installed our VR enabled remote classroom demo. It is a cloud-based learning platform powered by 5G and virtual reality elements, to enhance the learning experience for students…
Ai describing vehicles on the streetProjekts
9. June 2019


With help of AI software objects filmed by our VEYE 360° camera can be easily detected, which offers a huge bandwidth of opportunities in video surveillance. In South African Nationalparks…
Concept design of futuristic carProjekts
9. June 2019


In the development of autonomous driving hardware, usually multiple conventional cameras are needed to feed the software of autonomous cars, as blind-spot-free vision is hardly achieved with singularity in camera…
CGI Hologram on a stageProjekts
9. June 2019


Standing in a separate booth, an animated avatar copies the user's movements and facial expression, while the voice is transmitted to speakers outside the booth. The audience can then see…
Hologram presenting a yellow PorschNewsProjekts
3. June 2019


Visitors to the Porsche Museum have the unique opportunity to have a holographic projection by designer Matthias Kulla explaining the special features of the design of the Porsche 911 series.This…
2 people wearing VR headsetsNewsProjekts
27. May 2019

Transform Africa Summit

      The Transform Africa Summit 2019 took place in the colorful capital of Rwanda: Kigali. It focussed on strengthening the digital economy of Africa by promoting cooperation between…
South african president talking on a podium and being streamed as a hologram for a crowd in an other locationHologramNewsProjekts
30. June 2018

A hologram for the president

In 2018 we were challenged to do an holographic live-transmission of the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa. The president himself was making a presentation in Johannesburg, South Africa, where…
30. May 2018


Users can try a soccer-related VR experience in form of a Virtual Reality Game to experience the speed and low latency of the 5G transmission in relation to 4G. Body…