Saving the fashion industry from its own future with sustainability AI

Fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, 30% of all online-orders are sent back due to wrong sizes or styles. So globally, an estimated 92 million tons of textiles waste is created each year.

The XR Connected Artificial Intelligence-based Fashioneura is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its virtual mirror: while the client tries new clothes, he is scanned and measured, and this form home without any additional hardware.
Fashion brands can now produce clothes on-demand and wrong orders are reduced.

The economic impact of the solution is huge, as fashion and apparel industry has globally an annual revenue of $665 billion (2020).


Hated by all and yet over used

Leave a massive Carbon footprint & wastes valuable resources Cost intense & time consuming Customer journey killers & brand image slayers

315 Mil

Parcels DE

219 Mil

Shredded DE



5,46 Bil

Cost DE

€ 19,50

Avg. Cost per return DE (2018)

Only because


of the items did not fit and


were not liked…

Only because


of the items did not fit and


were not liked…

High Tech, Low Barrier

VR connected AI based virtual fitting solution

  • Skeleton recognition and body tracking based on newest Blaze AI
  • Neural network based measurements and size recommendations
  • Newest gesture-based UI for best UX
  • Lean-client OpenGL 3D render engine
  • Running on standard laptops, tablets, mobiles
  • Free integration into webshops via HTML widget and plugin
  • Simple, image-based pipeline of virtual garments
  • Tracking of customer behavior and preferences
Cloths used in Fashioneura Cloths grid from Fashioneura

Every Session solves a Problem:

Fashioneura Virtual Fitting AI

THE easy, cheap AND fun answer to the dark side of the fashion industry
Go digitally sustainable!

  • Decrease return rate & overall cost
  • Cut down Carbon emissions
  • Reduce fashion waste
  • Enhance your brand
  • Elevate your customer experience

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