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By 13. August 2020March 27th, 2023No Comments

We developed a one-of-a-kind VR ping pong game. It includes a fully functional and realistic physics ping pong engine, a multiplayer mode and the possibility for 5G connection.

This is virtual VR Table tennis, demoing how 5G will be the enabler for mobile gaming, latency critical classics like Fortnite or soccer games are not feasible to play on 4G as there in too much latency to be able to compete. We have chosen table tennis as an example, because it is already hard to play in reality. If you would inject 40-80ms latency of 4G into the game, it would be impossible to play table tennis, the 3-8ms latency of 5G would not matter. We have here a real 5G track with 8ms seconds latency, and we inject artificially 70ms for the 4G simulation.
In the game the first 3 strokes are on 4G, showing how 4G is too slow and showing a poor mobile game experience. Online Games are synchronizing frames and movements, in order to have all players in the same movement timestamp, so that latency will be visible through the drop-frames. The next 4 balls are 5G, showing a smooth game experience, you are able to compete and that 5G would be enabling mobile latency critical gaming.