Connected Schools

Transform the way of rural education in developing countries


„Connected Schools“ will be able to close off the presently active niche that includes lack of human ressources in teachers and lack of school infrastructure in rural areas.


The school infrastructure will consist of a portable ship container, which outside structure will have been manifactured, so that there is windows, as well as heat protection for hot areas.


The inside of the container represents a regular classroom with chairs, tables, ventilation system, internet connection and cupboards. Apart of furnishing it will also have technical equipment inform of a number of VR glasses and two VEYE 360° cameras, which track movement actions of the students and improve teacher-students interactions.


The teacher will be teaching from a office close to his area of residency, removing any mobility limitations. He will be in a classroom, equiped with a VEYE 360° camera, as well as a whiteboard.


The students arrive at a specific time in the remote classroom. The teacher then goes online, steps infront of the camera and starts teaching his lessons, which will be transmitted live with very low latency into the students VR glasses. The students can now communicate with the teacher by asking or answering questions. As the VR glasses are using VEYE`s 360° view students are able to turn around and witness their virtual surroundings a strong immersive feeling is created.

The VEYE 360° Live Camera

Incredible high quality 360° video

The VEYE camera is built in Germany of premium components including advanced 1/1.8 Sony sensors, high-grade aluminum, and our own top spec encoding software. Two 220° fish eye lenses create a fully spherical 360° field of view, while the audio-in jack adds to the immersion. A built-in server allows instant live streaming via a laptop; just turn the camera on plug it into your laptop and to begin streaming. VEYE works extremely well in low light environments like concerts.

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