VEYE 360 Camera

VEYE 360: Instant Live Streaming 4K VR Camera

VEYE is the first 360° camera to offer spherical 4K recording and live streaming with no stitching or post processing. It is compatible with all devices and platforms, including Facebook and Youtube. Share your favorite moments, adventures, and creations live, with your friends or the whole world


Outstanding 4K 360° video quality, Made in Germany


The i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera is built in Germany of premium components including advanced 1/1.8 Sony sensors, high-grade aluminum, and our own top spec encoding software. Two 200° fish eye lenses create a fully spherical 360° field of view, while built in microphones add to the immersion. A built-in server allows instant live streaming via a laptop; just turn the camera on plug it into your laptop and start streaming.  the i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera works extremely well in low light environments like concerts. The  i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera can be powered by a direct power cable or battery.


Experience ultimate LIVE 360° performance



Frequently Asked Questions

When will  i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera ship?

When placing an order now please expect your camera to ship by January.


Does  i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera have a battery?

It works with an external battery. The battery provides up to 6 hours operating time and will be delivered with a charger.


Where can I store my Videos?

You may store all footage on your connected computer or in the cloud. 


Can I shoot in dark environments (e.g. a bar)?

Yes you can! We have been working hard to optimize and enhance our Wide Dynamic Range technology. We call it WDR plus. It works great at night and has little to no visual noise in very dark environments.


What platforms are compatible with  i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera?

i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera and it`s software generates an equirectangular video output, which is the format used by Facebook, Youtube, Vrideo, Littlstar, Bitmovin, and others. It broadcasts the video using RTMP, which is the  standard protocol used by Youtube, Wowza, Akamai, Bitmovin, Ustream, Livestream, etc.
In other words, VEYE  is compatible with any platform that supports VR video, whether it is broadcasting live or recording videos for future playback.


Where can I find  i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera´s technical specifications?

Please click here for VEYE´s detailed specifications.


i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera Specifications


Camera Resolution 4K
Realtime Streaming  Up to 3840x1920(25 fps) realtime stitched  
Recommended Internet Bandwith  8 Mbit upload (LTE streaming compatible)
Optics  2x 200° Fisheye 
Video Capture Format H.264 MP4
Audio Codec MP3/AAC
Framerate  25 fps  
Bitrate  up to 100MB/sec  
Video Sensor  1/1.8 Sony IMX178 Professional, Progressive 
Wide Dynamic Range plus Yes. Digitaly calibrated for all light conditions. Above standard low light performance
Min. Illumination  0. 05Lux/F1.2 (Color), 0.01 Lux/F1.2 
Connectors LAN, Audio in, Power
Built in Web Server  Yes - allows direct streaming 
Compatible with  iPhone, iOS, Android, PC, Mac
Storage  Cloud Storage or connected PC, Mac
Camera Power Supply   12V DC Battery or Powersupply
Power Consumption  <6W
Housing Impact resistant anodized aircraft aluminium 
Working Environment  -20°C~+55°C  
Weight  400g 
Size   79x79x77mm 
Battery* 4500 mAh Li-ion (up to 6 hours of streaming)
Facebook 360° live streaming  Yes 

i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera Battery Pack

The VEYE battery pack is especially developed for the VEYE camera. It provides up to 6 hours operating time.

It comes with a charger. 

Recorded i-mmersive VEYE 360°camera Live Stream